Thomas Delahaye, President, CEO
CST Multifamily Real Estate Services, LLC

CST Multifamily Real Estate Services President and CEO Tom Delahaye leads the umbrella organization of CST Multifamily affiliated firms, including CST Multifamily Group. As an attorney, real estate developer and strategic leader, Tom created and guides the firm to new heights in property management, land development, and investment strategies. Client relations, new property acquisition and the firms’ oversight are his focus.





Judy Pope, Vice President, Property Management, CST Multifamily Group, LLC

Day to day, you will find Judy Pope at the helm of issues that take her to various properties working with a team carefully assembled and selected based on her broad experience of top-notch property managers. Her experience spans conventional Class A and luxury assets to LIHTC, Bond, HOME, and HUD affordable property management.

Judy’s operational skills and insights include market data and trend evaluation, new construction leasing, capital improvement projects’ oversight and due diligence evaluations as well as implementation and execution of operational and capital improvement budgets.

Look to Judy for support, supervision, and direction on leasing, management, maintenance, and overall operation while focusing on employees training and professional growth. Judy’s extensive knowledge of internal operations and a strong budgetary philosophy is a key asset to the group. Expect Judy to focus on income growth and expense monitoring while balancing a customer-centered approach to overall management of each community.




Bill Larson, CPM, Vice President and COO, CST Multifamily Group LLC

During his real estate career, Bill has managed more than 75,000 multifamily units. He provides independent acquisition analysis for multifamily investment purchases. He has served as a leader in the acquisition and due diligence for the purchase and development of over $500 million of multifamily properties. His unique skills and expertise render detailed market analysis to maximization of NOI for investors and property owners.

During the past 20 years, Bill has been active as a property management executive in LIHTC, Senior Housing and HUD management areas, including executive leader over 40 property assets. His knowledge of pre-screening policies, compliance records, recertification programs, and IRS regulations are in his repertoire of highly specialized real estate knowledge. With vast experience with HUD 221 (d) 4 programs, clients gain assurance that all HUD requirements are met timely and accurately.





Kristi Clark, HCCP, Vice President of Compliance, CST Multifamily Group LLC

With a communications degree, real estate credentials, numerous housing certifications, Kristi Clark, NCCP, brings confidence and team spirit to her property management expertise. As a Senior Property Manager for more than twenty years, Kristi balances marketing with operational compliance in the complex property management field. She has both supervisory experience and leadership skills. She is highly motivated, congenial, and experienced in LIHTC/HOME Tax Credit Compliance, HUD and Federal Fair Housing regulations. She is highly proficient in numerous computer technical housing software programs.





Johnny McKeller, Director of Maintenance

Known throughout the organization as “Mr. Johnny,” his skills and knowledge come from years of work in getting industrial plants operating fully. Yet, his broad skills electrical, appliance repair, lawn and garden upkeep, pool maintenance and safety, installation, lighting, and plumbing are immeasurable. He often finds ways to enhance the work of architects and contractors, providing savings and solutions. However, his humble and kind spirit is contagious and provides other support to staff in keeping the communities 100% operational.




Rebecca Sullivan, Director of Accounts Payable

As a longtime business owner, Rebecca Sullivan learned that financial accounting was crucial to managing and advancing the family’s security systems firm. After 20 years, the family-owned business was sold, and Rebecca Sullivan later began working again using her financial and accounting expertise. Her business acumen, computer skills, and knowledge of accounting are important assets in her work for CST Multifamily Real Estate Services. Any day, you will find Rebecca Sullivan ready and willing to fulfill her role with focus and fervor, performing vital company accounting for each of the CST Multifamily Real Estate Services subsidiaries: CST Multifamily Group, CST Land Developers, and CST Development Funds.