CST Multifamily Real Estate Services LLC Partners Tom Delahaye, Chris Coffin, Stan Baudin

THOMAS DELAHAYE, President and CEO, brings vision and experience in land acquisition, construction contracts, property management and investment expertise to a family of firms dedicated to multifamily property assets. He is a graduate of Loyola University and Loyola University Law School. After practicing law in Louisiana for more than twenty years, he retired from his law practice in 2006 and now devotes full-time as president and chief executive officer of CST Multifamily Real Estate Services, LLC. While practicing law, Delahaye began developing and acquiring property, owning and managing commercial and residential units, including single family subdivisions and apartment communities. Delahaye combines strategic leadership skills with broad business acumen in land development, financing, contracts and management. Tom leads CST Multifamily Real Estate Services and its subsidiaries:  CST Multifamily Group, CST Land Developers, and CST Development Funds.

CHRISTOPHER COFFIN, PARTNER, AND STAN BAUDIN, PARTNER- As partners in CST Multifamily Real Estate Services, Chris and Stan have actively participated in the acquisition, development and management of the highly successful multifamily real estate firm. The partners’ expertise in the field of law enhances the strength and viability of CST Multifamily Real Estate Services and its subsidiaries. Chris and Stan are partners in the law firm Pendley, Baudin and Coffin of Plaquemine and New Orleans, Louisiana.


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